Literacy & Technology Integration

Examples of Learning Literacy with Technology

  • Enternet 99 projects were created by educators who spent one week developing a classroom activity to propel students into the world-wide learning network. Several of these projects focus on language arts topics and many are formatted like webquests.
  • Miss Rumphius Award Winners Website is home to The Miss Rumphius Award which presented by members of the RTEACHER mailing list (listserv) to educators who develop and share exceptional Internet resources for literacy and learning. It honors teachers who make our world a more beautiful place, like the title character in the book Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney.
  • New Jersey Digital Highway provides an online portal for educators, students, and parents.
  • Rhode Island Teachers and Technology provides a collection of over 2000 curriculum units and collaborative projects created by former RITTI participants. Databases are searchable by content area and grade level.
  • San Diego Schools Prodevelopment Page Triton and Patterns Projects includes professional development resources as well as an assortment of project examples created by teachers, administrators and support staff for use in the literacy curriculum.
  • SCORE Literature Cyberguides designed by California teachers to match standards and literature based lessons with technology integrated opportunities for learning.
  • The Graphic Organizer features reviews and ideas using tools like Kidspiration and Inspiration and includes a great index of graphic organizers.
  • Thematic Literature Units for Primary Grades is an excellent model of top-quality unit and theme plans for how to integrate good literature with software and Internet links. Includes specific title recommendations and suggested instructional tips and ideas for each unit.
  • Thematic Units for Grades K-2 and lots for Grades 3-5; from the Elementary Tools 2000 project in Okaloosa School District in Floriday. this is a great resource for over 200 ideas and student work samples.
  • Title III Technology Literacy Challenge Grant from Verona New York provides a wealth of integrated lesson plans.

    See also Students Applying Literacy section for each grade level range here at The Literacy Web.

Websites devoted to Integrating Technology

See also Professional Development Resources for Literacy and Technology here at The Literacy Web.

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