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For the month of April, 2002, the winners are...

School or Classroom Website:
Susan Silverman's Webfolio is a collection of collaborative student Internet projects compiled from her experiences as an instructional technology integration teacher at Comsowogue School District in New York. The projects cover a range of grade levels and include topics ranging from Bicycle Heroes to Cinderella Around the World. All are exceptional examples of how children using technology can help build the evergrowing database of new information being constructed collaboratively between students and classrooms thousands of miles apart from each other.

Literacy Website:
Reading is an online gift for teachers needing access to leveled texts and lessons for use in guided reading groups. Although you can subscribe to their online resources for even more materials that are updated monthly, they provide links to many, many free decodable books, read-aloud books, lesson plans, worksheets, and flashcards, all divided by reading level, for you to download, print and try out with your students. Don't miss this site!

Literacy Research:
SEDL's Framework of the Cognitive Foundations of Learning to Read is an impressive summary of reading comprehension abilities as built upon the equally important competencies of language comprehension and decoding.
Their framework is drawn from many years of reading research that
helps teachers to understand the important components of good literacy instruction. This website also provides a collection of resources from which to use research and assessment information to inform their instructional practice.

Merit Software's Paragraph Punch , Essay Punch , Business Letter Punch and English Grammar Connection are four sets of free,interactive online lessons that walk older students through the process of writing for various purposes. Each website provides occasionally changing writing prompts that engage learners in authentic writing opportunities with scaffolded support. You can also link to Merit Software's product page to learn more about programs to purchase.

Literacy and Technology Integration:
Xcursion Central is a service of Riverdeep Interactive Learning that provides an exciting new online authoring tool and extensive lesson database that enables teachers to design their own web-based field trips. Somewhat similar to the concept of webquests, but providing access to a different type of interface with supportive learning tools for students, Xcursions contain "stated learning goals, student comprehension tools, and well-sourced educational Web pages". The database of Xcursions designed by other teachers has many examples of literature-related learning opportunities as well as many other content area topics.

Professional Development:
Staff created by Jamie McKenzie is a well organized web site about adult learning and how teachers learn new technologies. McKenzie, editor of the popular From Now On Educational Technology Journal, has written over 20 articles on this website that can help provide the framework for your own professional development in this area and his list of links promises to highlight the best twelve online resources for technology and literacy integration.

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