Literacy Websites for
Students in Grades 5-6

Popular Websites for Students

  • Kids' supersite that offers a protected "playground" of internet content, featuring hundreds of games, puzzles and other activities. Play interactive games and imaginative activities, use online coloring books and explore worlds of information.
  • enables students to learn about over 25,000 ofthe greatest lives, past and present, play Who Am I?. Teachers can access classroom study guide.
  • CNN NewsStories are current news stories accompanied by a range of multimedia interactive activities (video clip, sound clips, read text online) to build reading comprehension skills for older students.
  • Country Reports is an excellent and comprehensive online reference website that provides lots of content area text organized within a database.
  • DiscoverySchool has wonderful educational resources for students, teachers and parents, all in one place.
  • Enchanted Learning is very kid friendly and always updated with new information, this has an awesome online dictionary/encyclopedia, incredible thematic "Zoom Units" and great diagrams for kids of all ages. Great for struggling readers. This is a must see. Can also access through Zoom School.
  • Fake Out vocabulary game by Education Place
  • Focusing on Words and building vocabulary with Latin and Greek roots
  • Internet Learning Games is an award winning website for students in grades K-8.
  • Geography World Games includes, among many more, National Geographic Geo Bee Challenge and Discovery Channel Geo Game as well as a link back to the Geography World homepage of related resources.
  • Global Grocery List Project Students from around the world share local grocery prices to build a growing table of data to be used in social studies, science, health, mathematics, and other disciplines.
  • Headbone Zone These Internet research contests are packed with puzzles your class will solve by finding information online! Your students learn Internet research skills while investigating topics such as technology, history, and more.
  • Monster Exchange Project involves a child trying to communicate an original monster image into another child's mind.
  • MythWeb introduces readers to the heroes, gods, and monsters of Greek mythology.
  • New York Times Learning Network Designed for Grades 3 and up, it includes news summaries, a daily quiz, science questions, student letters to the editor, a crossword puzzle, ask a reporter and lesson plan archive. Articles contain links to vocabulary and geography "knowledge tools" to build background while reading.
  • Search Engines for Young Students was written by Julie Coiro to help guide learners and their teachers through the maze of child-friendly search engines. Two other excellent educational indexes for students to browse are
    • Information Please Kids Almanac: Learning Network's Fact Monster includes an almanac, atlas, dictionary and encylopedia
    • LycosZone: Easy to use reference materials for children including a kids almanac, encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, animal locater, and kid's online library plus lots of categories of regular school topics
  • Scholastic NewsZone, Weekly Reader and Time for Kids are wonderful reading materials for students reading in the content areas.
  • Solve an online Mystery at the popular The
  • StarChild Learning Center for Young Astronomers is a popular interactive website with information about the solar system organized into appropriate reading levels for elementary students.
  • The ABC's of Using the Internet with Students in Grades 4-6 includes an alphabetical list of popular educational websites for your students.
  • NC Wise Owl is a well organized site that features resources for teachers, students and parents.
  • 700+ Great Websites from American Library Association (ALA) described as "amazing, spectacular, colorful web sites for kids and the adults who care about them".
  • Wacky Web Tales interactive writing and publishing from Education Place

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