Grades 3-4 Students
Applying Literacy Online

Third Grade Reading, Writing and Sharing Projects

  • Greenbrier Student Projects: Check out Ms.Hoffman's Third Grade Writing Project Powerpoint presentation in which her students completed a book together using publisher.
  • The Author's Chair Online: writing projects from Mrs. Gold's third grade class, including Hink Pinks, Nursery Rhyme News Reports, and others.
  • Work samples from elementary students at King's Park Elementary School in Virginia using word processors, Kid Pix drawing tools, and spreadsheets with explanations for each lesson.

Fourth Grade Reading, Writing and Sharing Projects

Specific Examples of Extending Texts with Technology Tools and Resources

  • Collaborating: The My Town is Important Project is an online cooperative writing activity for K-4 Students; The Official Flat Stanley Project is an international literacy and communications activity for students, teachers, and their families.
  • Predicting: Sarah, Plain and Tall Interactive Bulletin Board in which third graders share their predications about what would be in Chapter Ten, if there was one.
  • Art Extension: The Vingananee and the Tree Toad  After hearing the story, The Vingananee and the Tree Toad by Verna Aardema followed by a discussion of the traits and characteristics of monsters, students Mrs. Petrie's 3rd grade (D Form) class designed their own monsters with creativity software and wrote descriptions using a word processor.
  • Writing How-To Paragraphs combines writing skills with electronic hypertext.
  • Beanie Babies ABC's is student based project combines writing skills with unique digital photographs and electronic drawing tools to create an class ABC book on Maryland in conjunction with the 4th grade curriculum

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